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   From February 12 to 23, 2018 the specialist of the specialist of the Central scientific library of the Republican state enterprise “Gylym ordasy” (in Almaty city) Nilfar Pateshova went through the training at the School of conservation and restoration of written documents.

   The study process consisted from theoretical as well as practical lessons in conservation and restoration-binding work. During the time of studying there were mastered such themes like the scientific conservation of documents – the physical-chemical and biological stabilization; the regime of storage – the temperature-humidity, light, sanitary-hygienic; control over the parameters of environment, the peculiarities of restoration of rare books and manuscripts, the repair and restoration of leather bindings, the use of graphical programmes during the restoration processes, the manufacturing of marble paper etc.  
   Pateshova N. after the finishing of studying received the Certificate on mastering the technologies of preservation of documentary heritage. The probationer noted the necessity and importance of the work of the given School and also expressed the desire for mutual professional cooperation in future.



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30.01.19 On November 29, 2018 the specialists of the Service of restoration, conservation and binding of National library of the RK Nurgazy Shalkar and Gabdolova Eleonora participated in the republican scientific-practical seminar “The problems of preservation and revival of cultural heritage” which took place in the Otrar state museum-preserve.
05.11.18 There from December 8 till 19, 2018 at the School of conservation and restoration of written documents went through the studying the head of the library of Kazakh national conservatoire after Kurmangazy B.D.Dyuisekova.
15.09.18 There from September 11 to 15, 2018 the specialists of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurgazy Shalkar and Toktarova Zhanar participated in the CIII-th International scientific-practical seminar “The images of memory. The modern technologies for the preservation and restoring of the manuscript and printed heritage”, which took place at the institute of ancient manuscripts after Mesrop Mashtots “Matenadaran” situated in Yerevan city (Armenia).