Methodological literature


   Buckenen S.A. The planning of activities for the provision of readiness to calamities and natural catastrophes and the liquidation of their consequences in libraries and archives: The researches by the RAMP programme with directives / translated from English by E.N.Chesnokova; edited by T.V.Gromova.-M.: Rudomino, 1997.- 71 p.

   The first part of the book is dedicated to the issues of readiness to natural calamities and catastrophes, it embraces the different stages of planning of separate aspects of readiness to natural calamities and protection from them; the second part is dedicated to the issues of revival and restoration. In conclusion there is given a sufficiently full bibliography on the problems of fighting natural calamities, the readiness for them and the liquidation of the damaged inflicted.


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29.10.13 The basics of work in restoration and binding of library fonds: the methodological manual / The National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan; the author R.N.Bigaziyeva; the editors G.T.Rakhimzhanova, G.A.Makhanbetova; the chief editors K.K.Koshtayeva, B.Sh.Shaimerdenova.- Almaty, 1013.- 66 p. 
29.10.13 Clements D.U.D., Thomas D.D. The manual for the careful treatment of fonds and organization of study courses for the technical personnel: the research within the RAMP framework/ translated from English by G.A.Kislovskaya; edited by T.V.Gromova.- M.: Rudomino, 1997.- 53 p.
29.10.13 Nyuksha Yu.P. The biological damage of paper and books / The library of the Russian Academy of sciences.- Saint-Petersburg: the publishing house of the library of the Russian academy of sciences, 1994.- 232 p.